Hydrogen - energy carrier for PtX applications

Electrolysis - our solutions

Sustainability and CO2 reduction are at the focus of our solutions for customers. In this context, water electrolysis for Power to X applications plays a central role. The systematically further development of electrolysers and peripherals is the basis for the economic use of electrolysis processes and hydrogen in the future. With our development expertise and materials know-how, we support you in taking already established processes for the production of hydrogen, such as alkaline electrolysis ( AEL ) or PEM electrolysis, to the next level.


The seal is what matters

Seals inside or outside the electrolysis cells are exposed to the liquid electrolyte (e.g. potassium hydroxide/water mixture) just as all other stack components. The required high temperature and chemical resistance makes PTFE essential as a material. As a leading company in the field of fluoropolymer processing, ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik offers gaskets made of suitable materials, dimensions and in the required quantities e.g. for "large-scale" electrolysis of up to 3 meters or for electrolysis blocks with several hundred electrolysis cells.


In addition, we also offer solutions to hydrogen applications in the compressor and fluid technology industries.