Mechanical Engineering

Innovative Solutions for Critical Applications

High-performance plastics from ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics can be found in all areas of conventional mechanical engineering.
Particular mention may be made of our existing solutions for applications in the following markets: machine tools, presses and injection molding machines, compressors, fluid technology such as pumps and valves, robotics, sensor technology, and coating technology.
Our range of solutions for mechanical engineering also covers highly specialized applications in agricultural technology (e.g., fertilizers).
In addition to PolytetraflonTM-PTFE, the standard components are made of MoldflonTM PEEK and MoldflonTM PVDF. In mechanical engineering, we face a number of challenges, such as reducing friction, media and temperature compatibility, and short-notice availability.
Thanks to our comprehensive fleet of machinery and the corresponding processes, ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics can always offer you the ideal manufacturing process, from individual machined items or prototypes to pilot production and series requirements using the injection molding machine.