Customized High-Performance Plastics for Demanding Applications

Almost no other development is as closely tied in with the technological progress of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as the invention of plastic. Formerly a niche product, it can now be found in virtually every area and makes our day-to-day lives easier.
Thanks to the continual development of the material properties, high-performance plastics are increasingly used in applications with stringent requirements, in place of traditional materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or ceramics.
Today, the use of suitable plastics and the optimization of the properties in highly specialized compounds allow numerous sectors to benefit from high working temperatures, outstanding chemical resistance, dimensional accuracy, and optimized tribological properties in combination with substantial weight savings and reduced costs because of improved production processes.
Thanks to our many years of experience in the area of high-performance plastics, we are able to develop individual system solutions for our customers that meet the specific requirements of virtually any application. The use of various precisely coordinated materials in a component creates synergistic added value and competitive advantages for our customers.


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