Assemblies integrate a variety of technical requirements in a single component. They increase our customers’ vertical integration, thereby optimizing logistics processes by reducing the number of parts of suppliers and of parts to be purchased. 

A component from a single-source minimizes the complexity involved with parts assembly and streamlines the customer’s supply chain. ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics helps you combine, manufacture, and supply assemblies made of complex plastic components, metal parts, and sealing elements.


Product Examples

Pressure Equalization Element

Carrier component made of Moldflon™ -PA with metal inserts and Polytetraflon™ -PTFE diaphragms, fully assembled as a safety element for battery technology.


Timing Belt Cover

Module with integrated dynamic gasket, Metaloseal gasket, and other designed to improve fording capability in all-terrain vehicles.


Thermal Management Module

Module for regulating cooling water circuits in combustion engines and battery cooling systems, made of MoldflonTM-PA with an assembled MoldflonTM-PTFE gasket.


Double-piston Pump

For use in home dialysis machines; consists of a piston and rod seal made of modified MoldflonTM-PE and a                 MoldflonTM-POM housing. Complete assembly of all components.